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It’s hunting season: Rememer to Register Your Deer Harvest

By November 14, 2022No Comments

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, roughly 7000 deer hunters voluntarily reported their harvest in 2021. This represents a decline in harvest reporting as less hunters have responded to post-season mail in surveys. Historically, response rates have been close to 75% but in recent years the response rates have fallen to under 40%. As a result, the DNR is now requiring that all deer harvests must be reported via DNR website or online app. According to the Michigan DNR, the goal of the mandatory harvest registration is to gather more precise data so that more accurate regulation recommendations can be made.

Hunters have up to 72 hours after taking a deer to report their harvest. Reporting your deer harvest can be done in the following ways:

While the mandatory deer harvest registration poses an inconvenience to many hunters, especially those hunting in remote locations with limited access to internet or cell service, it will hopefully lead to better herd management regulations in the long run.