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2024 High Power Winter Rifle League

By December 7, 2023April 2nd, 2024No Comments

This year we will have junior’s shooting with the adults using the junior’s service target rifles same course of fire same entrance fees. Juniors will be eligible to shoot these rifles based on ability not on age. Range safety officer has the final decision on ability. Ammo will be available from the league chairman.  THIS IS THE ONLY AMMO ACCEPTABLE TO USE.

 In a few short days the Holiday Season will arrive. A most sincere wish goes to every one of you and your families for a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year because we want your participation for the 3rd Sunday of each month Sunday. Here are the dates.

  • 21st January 2024
  • 18th February 2024
  • 17th March 2024
  • 21st April 2024
  • 19th May 2024

You will need any safe center fire rifle, any sight, scopes, maximum 6x power variables set at 6x power or less , and 20 shots plus sighters ( 2 approx.) and alibis for each match. Fee is $20.00 for five matches, targets, supplies and awards payable on the Jan.21st match. Ten shots in the standing position slow fire in a 10 minute time limit for a total of 10 shoots for record. Ten shots from the prone position in 35 seconds for 5 shots, while in the prone position 5 shots in 35 seconds for a total of 10 shots for record in 70 seconds. All shooting will be at 100 yards from inside our heated range house.

We will schedule shooting to start at 9:30 AM, but the ranges will be closed at 9:00 AM to hang targets, register, get the coffee going, shovel snow, start a fire, etc. And the ranges stay closed except under authority of the range officer, until the match is completed.

New shooters will establish their average during the first match. Must shoot on league day or in advance, and there is a maximum of two advanced shoots allowed. No make up matches allowed.

We’ll have juniors (boys and girls) shooting on the shorter range at the same time we’re shooting. They are required to have an adult with them while shooting. If you can help them (while Dad or Mom shoots) please do so. Just remember, a guy never stands as tall as when he stoops to help a child.

All shooters will need to have a club waiver signed and on file before you can shoot. Waivers are available at the club house. All shooters must sign range book in the club house and pay any range fees due.

Best wishes and good shooting. 

Mark Wilson Cell 586-630-7595