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2023 NMSC Summer 3D Archery League

By April 11, 2023No Comments

Where: North Macomb Sportsmen’s Club – 3231 Inwood Rd, Washington, MI 48095

When: Tuesdays, starting 5/16/2023 through 8/29/2023


Adult Hunter Class (H) Male/Female(Red Stake)Range finders ALLOWED in all classes
Adult Open Class (O)Male/Female(Yellow Stake)
Junior Class (J)(Blue Stake)Ages 14-17
Youth Class (Y)(Blue Stake)Ages 13 and under
Traditional Class (T)Male/Female(Blue Stake)Traditional Recurves

Entry Fees

Adults – $35 – includes banquet door prize
Junior Class – $35 w/ banquet door prize OR $15 – NO banquet door prize
Youth Class – FREE – does NOT include banquet door prize
*Weekly Shooting Fee – Members: $5.00 Non-Member: $10.00 Youth: $3.00

Important Dates

4/25/2023Course Setup – 4PM Start*Course setup rain day 5/2/23
5/16/2023Office Start of League
8/29/2023Last day of league shoot* No Shoot July 4th
9/5/2023Fun Shoot
9/12/2023Course tear down* Course tear down rain day 9/16/2023

** Weekly Long Shot Contest **

  • League consists of 10 official scoring shoots over a 15-week period.
  • The top 10 scores out of 15 will be counted as official scores. *No need to bank scores*
  • Archers are responsible for scoring AND turning in their own score cards. Honor system scoring.
  • Straight shooting, no handicaps.
  • No teams, just individual scoring.
  • 3D & traditional – course will be a 31-target outdoor course, woods, and open fields. Top 30 scores will be tallied for scoring, so drop your lowest number when scoring your cards.
  • Youth shoots 20 targets, one arrow per target in the arena.
  • Starting times are flexible. Clubhouse opens at 4pm officially. Must be off the course by dark.
  • Scorecards are located under the tower by the arena, in the wood box.
  • For shooting outside club hours, sign in inside the rifle house. Book and payment can is at the desk. Scorecards can be placed inside the desk drawer when done shooting. Please take a picture of it for your records.
  • During club hours, scorecards go in the wooden box on the windowsill by the front door.
  • Target points scoring are as follows: Center ring – 11 pts, second ring – 10 pts, 3rd ring – 8pts, ANY where else on target – 5 pts. Shooting lines on course: YELLOW stakes – Open, RED stakes – Hunters, and BLUE stakes – Traditional & Youth.

For more information, contact:

  • Tony Ottino (Chairman) Ph: 586-246-7460 Email:
  • Kevin Malak (co-chair) Ph: 586-404-8621 Email:
  • Christie Mroz (co-chair) Ph: 810-217-4337 Email: