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2022 Youth Winter Rifle League

By December 28, 2021No Comments

WANTED: A bunch of fun loving, responsible safe boys and girls who can get a parent or adult coach to help them shoot a rifle on league days. You’ll need eye and ear protection. We will have some if you don’t. You can use any safe 22 rim fire rifle with any sight, scopes 6x power maximum, variables set at 6x power or less. Or you can use the rifle(s) available at the club house (need driver’s license). Targets and ammo will be supplied by the league. But we need $15.00 to cover awards, targets, and supplies. This will be payable during the 1st match on January 16th.

         The course of fire will be 10 record shots, slow fire with a 10 minute time limit off the bench at 50 yards. You will have a 5 minute combined preparation and sight in period at a separate sighter target prior to your record shots. The league will supply all 22 ammo. This ammo must be used for score.

         We’ll make your League into two person teams. You must shoot on or before League day. There is a maximum of two advanced shoots allowed. No make up matches allowed. League days are: January 16th, February 20th, March 20th, April 10th, and May 15th. All matches will start at 9:30 A.M. 

         Meanwhile, may Christmas and the New Year bring you joyful hours, pleasant memories, thoughts of friends, and much happiness?

         Looking forward to seeing you on January 16th.  And shoot straight

         All shooters will need to have a club waiver signed and on file before you can shoot. Waivers are available at the club house. All shooters must sign the range book in the club house and pay any range fees due.

MARK WILSON   586-739-4344 Home, Cell 586-630-7595