Announcing: 2021 NMSC Smallbore Silhouette League

4th Thursday each month

May 27
June 24
July 22
August 26

The rifle range will be closed at 3:30pm to set-up the course. Shooting begins promptly at 4pm.


  1. Only standard or low velocity .22 short, long, or long rifle ammunition may be used.
  2. Any .22 rifle may be used. Any optic or sight can be used.
  3. All shooting is from a standing position. No slings or shooting jackets allowed (vests are OK).
  4. Each match will be 40 targets (points), consisting of a bank of 10 targets for each distance of 40 meters (chicken), 60 meters (pigs), 77 meters (turkeys), and 100 meters (rams). The target must be knocked off the stand to count as a hit.
  5. Each bank will be shot 5 targets at a time, with 2 ½ minutes allowed for the string of 5. Shooters will be instructed when to bring their gun to the line, when to make ready, and when to start/stop shooting.
  6. Shooting fees are $10 for the league.
  7. A spotter may be used to ensure targets were hit in the appropriate order. Only one shot per target is allowed, shooting left-to-right, and the targets must be shot in sequence. Example: if you hit the 2nd target with the 1st shot, it would count as one miss.
  8. If you shoot more than 4 scores, the best 4 scores will be used for the final standings.
  9. No mulligans allowed, but each shooter is allowed one mechanical failure and a subsequent re-start per bank.
  10. Swinger targets and sight-in targets will be available for practice.
  11. While cursing has never been scientifically proven to improve shooting prowess, shooters will be allowed one curse per missed target. Unused curses can be banked and used while shooting at the turkeys.

League officials reserve the right to modify these rules at any time to ensure safe & fair competition. The rifle range will be unavailable for members not shooting in the league.

Contact Mert Emery (248) 904-9414 for further information