Oktoberfest is canceled

Oktoberfest, which was scheduled for Oct. 24,  has been canceled.  


An additional precautionary step has been taken to eliminate the chance of spreading any virus, the clubhouse and picnic tables have been disinfected.  Please continue wearing your mask when entering the clubhouse and when possible maintain proper social distancing.   To help keep everyone at the club safe please adhere to the following:

Stay home if you are feeling sick.
Refrain from visiting the club after travel to a high-risk location
Wash hands regularly
Use proper cough and sneeze hygiene
Stop touching your face

In turn, the club will be taking the following measures:
Provide ample hand sanitizer
Enforce mask-wearing when entering the club
Increase the frequency of cleaning
Investigate the installation of Needle Point Bi-Polar Ionization to kill airborne viruses