Ask Gov. Snyder to Sign SB 1187 for Scientific Management

We need your help.  SB 1187 is on Governor Snyder’s desk awaiting final signature however the Humane Society of the United States is running aggressive ads and robocalling campaigns in an attempt to mislead people about the Bill.  Please show your support for the bill by calling Governor Snyder’s office.

A note from MUCC about SB 1187 …

The day before Thanksgiving, we learned that a panel of the Michigan Court of Appeals had struck down the legislatively-approved citizens initiative we all worked so hard to pass two years ago to ensure that fish and game management decisions were made on the basis of sound science. The Court determined that a provision allowing free hunting and fishing licenses to active military members wasn’t closely related to the other provisions, and threw out the entire initiative, including:

  • Natural Resources Commission authority to issue fisheries orders and designate game species using sound science;
  • $1 million appropriation to protect fisheries from aquatic invasive species like Asian carp; and
  • Designation of wolves as a game species

In very short time, Michigan’s conservation community rallied and worked with legislators to find a solution. Senator Tom Casperson (R-Escanaba) and his staff drafted Senate Bill 1187, which simply reinstates those provisions which the Court of Appeals did find were related to each other in the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. The Senate passed the legislation 27-10 two weeks ago and the House of Representatives passed it 69-39 last week with votes from both sides of the aisle. The bill now awaits Governor Snyder’s signature, but the Humane Society of the United States is running television ads and robocalls misleading people about the bill and asking Governor Snyder to veto it.

We need you to show him that this legislation is a priority to you by calling his office at 517-335-7858 in support of SB 1187 to manage Michigan’s fish and wildlife with sound science!

What HSUS is not telling Governor Snyder is that:

  • This bill is necessary to restore the authority of the Natural Resources Commission to make fisheries decisions;
  • The appropriation is necessary to authorize funds already spent on Asian carp response measures;
  • The “wolf hunt vote” HSUS keeps referencing was moot because the legislature had already passed the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act months before; and
  • Listing wolves as a game species does not mean they will be hunted; they could only be hunted if they’re removed from the Endangered Species Act and only if professional biologists recommend a hunt; and
  • Wolves are not biologically endangered, since their Michigan population is more than triple their recovery goal and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recommends their removal from the endangered species list.

Please call 517-335-7858 now in support of SB 1187 or email Governor Snyder with this link!

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