New Michigan License Structure Goes Into Effect March 1


Starting March 1, 2014, hunting, fishing and ORV license prices will change. The new price structure will create a simpler, efficient license buying process. The money will go towards improving hunting and fishing opportunities through better habitat, and making trails safer for ORV riders. Find out what these changes mean for you and which license(s) you’ll need next time you go hunting, fishing or ORV riding by visiting the DNR’s website with all of the information.

The biggest change will be the newly created base license, which is required for all hunters and trappers in order to buy any specific licenses. The base license will authorize the holder to hunt small game ($11 for adults, $6 for juniors, $5 for seniors). Deer hunters will have to decide whether they want to buy one deer (buck) tag for $20 or two (combo) for $40 up front, and they will be able to use these through all archery and firearm deer seasons (eliminating the single archery and firearm deer licenses). The mentored youth hunting license package will still be $7.50 for youth under age 10 but will only include one deer tag now, along with a fishing license and base license, a spring turkey license, a fall turkey license and a fur harvester’s license. Everything else is pretty much the same, except the prices.

For anglers, only one license is necessary, which is good for all species ($26 for adults, $11 for seniors). There are still options for 24- and 72-hour fishing licenses as well.

A Combo Hunt/Fish license has been created that provides a base license, combo deer license, and fishing license for $76 for residents, $266 for nonresidents (this is a way better deal for non-residents than buying your licenses a la cart).

An ORV license ($26.25) is required on eligible county roads, state forest roads in the Upper Peninsula and eligible national forest roads as well as on the frozen surface of public waters. This license is required to operate anywhere off of private lands. In addition to the ORV license, an ORV trail permit (an additional $10 for a total of $36.25) is required when operating on designated and signed ORV trails, routes and scramble areas.

So those are the basics, but we are happy to provide more clarification or answer any questions you might have! Fire away below!

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