Rifle League News

Rifle League News

All awards earned for the 2016 Winter Rifle League will be awarded at the June 8th 2016 General Membership Meeting.

Here are the dates for the Summer Rifle League:

Sunday June 12th.  2016Prone Matches – 22 LR Fired at small bore targets fired at 100 yards ammo will be issued for this Match only match fees will be $10.00 , Followed by a Prone Center Fire 600 yard Reduced Targets at 100 Yards. Both Matches will have unlimited sighters with a time limit of 30 Minutes for 20 shots for record.

Sunday June 26th. 2016John C. Garand and Springfield 1903 Match. 5 sighting shots, 10 shots slow fire prone, 10 shots rapid fire prone, 10 shots standing. 35 rounds total. All rounds fired at 200 Yards. Awards for as issued rifles only. No ammo will be issued bring your own!                                                                   

Sunday July 3rd. 2016 – 4 position – 400 pts. Standing, Rapid Fire Sitting, Rapid Prone, Slow Fire Prone. National Match Course on reduced 100 Yard Targets. All shooting will be done at 100 Yards.   

Sunday September 17th. And August 14th. 2016 John C. Garand and Springfield 1903 Match. Same course of fire as June 26th match. All rounds fired at 200 YARDS. Awards for as issued rifles only. No ammo will be issued bring your own!

All shooting will be outdoors, weather permitting.  Any safe rifle any sight for our Summer League matches.  Match fees will be $5.00 for each match except for June 12th. Small bore match. Members, Waiting list, juniors, Spouses, and Guest may shoot our club matches. You may pick and choose any match you would like to shoot.


Shooting will start at 9:00 A. M. sharp.

Registration closes at 11:30 A. M.


Mark Wilson

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