Michigan Supreme Court Rules to Protect Shooting Ranges

From MUCC.org article “Shooting Ranges Protected By Michigan Supreme Court Ruling”


Almost a year ago, the Michigan Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case that would decide whether or not the Sport Shooting Ranges Act, which protects shooting ranges from nuisance zoning regulations, applies to shooting ranges that have commercial activities, such as range fees or a sales counter. On April 1, the Michigan Supreme Court unanimously ruled that shooting ranges are protected by the Sport Shooting Ranges Act (SSRA), and that commercial activities are irrelevant to the SSRA.

The case started when a private shooting range was issued a misdemeanor citation for failing to get a zoning waiver. However, the Sport Shooting Ranges Act grandfathers in shooting ranges in existence since before the act was originally passed in 1994, so that they are not subject to nuisance zoning requirements passed afterwards as long as they operate within generally accepted practices.

Rule the complete article at http://www.mucc.org/shooting-ranges-protected-by-michigan-supreme-court-ruling/

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